The Leading Property Investment Company in Richmond Hill, GA

Are you looking to buy an investment property in either Richmond Hill? Considering the size of the investment, you'll want to make the right decision when you’re investing in property.

Often, property investors don’t know how or where to begin. Drew Doheny has the knowledge and experience to help first-time property investors in GA.

We’re a locally-owned property firm known for its professionalism, technical knowledge, and resources. We know the market well and will be able to advise investors on all types of properties. Partnering with us means you have decades of experience at your disposal!

How Can Drew Doheny Be the Difference for a Successful Property Investment?

As the leading service provider in the region, Drew Doheny has helped several property investors make the right investment, matching their property investment goals with their goals. With the help of our reliable team, we offer a wide range of property solutions, such as:

Due Diligence

Investment in property isn’t just about identifying a good-looking property in a prime location, signing the sale agreement, and enjoying the fruits of the rental investment for the rest of your years. There’s more to it.

There’s also the legal part; looking into ownership documents, zoning regulations, HOA restrictions, and taxation. You also have to have a look into the financials and crunch the numbers. It’s an investment after all, and you have to know whether or not it’s a viable one.

The team at Drew Doheny will assess the property and comparables in the neighborhood and advise on the average rent, projected property appreciation, turnover, maintenance costs, expenses, and vacancy rates. Since we’re local to the area, we can also advise on what neighborhoods are likely to appreciate in value.

This information will help us (and you) understand the viability of your property. Our experienced team has served hundreds of property investors in the past and we are looking forward to doing the same for you.


From the information shared above, you can appreciate the multi-faceted nature of property investing. To make an informed decision, you’ll have to collaborate with other professionals and experts in other industries.

Drew Doheny has established a network of reputable experts whom you can rely on to provide sound and professional advice. Our company works with lawyers, accountants, home inspectors, appraisers, and experienced handymen. Through our well-established relationship with them, you’ll enjoy special rates.

Smooth Process

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of investing in real estate. The possibility of earning passive income, enjoying the appreciation of property value, as well as the tax benefits that come with it are just some of the results you can enjoy.

It goes without saying that you’ll be looking to have your property on the market in the shortest time possible. Trust and rely on the experts from Drew Doheny!

Apart from advising on the best property in the market, we can help you with the advertisement and making repairs to the property to ensure that it is renter ready.

Rely on the professionals from Drew Doheny for a comprehensive solution. And should you want a tailor-made service for your unique property needs, don’t hesitate. We are ready to customize our services for you.

Get in touch with us today! With a property management company like ours, we aren't selling you a property, we’re going to be your property management partner. We know what properties will be good for renting and your ROI.

Making the Property Renter Ready

Just because you’ve acquired your property doesn’t mean it’s ready for renters to occupy it. According to state laws, it’s your duty as the property owner to provide a habitable space that adheres to county guidelines and state provisions.

Wondering how you should start? Drew Doheny can help you with that. Our reliable and expert team is always on top of any new development when it comes to county, state, or federal laws.

We advise you on how to make the property compliant to the laws and, should there be any changes, you’ll be the first to hear from us.

Management of Your Georgia Property

Renters are always on the lookout for the best-managed property, meaning one that is in the best condition and with the best amenities. Being new to the property industry, you might not know which defects to be on the lookout for and what is the appropriate way to respond to an issue.

With several years of experience in the industry, who better to guide you than the professional crew at Drew Doheny? With us as your property partner, you can be assured that all your property’s needs and those of your tenants are well-catered for.

Why Are We the Company to Rely On?

Here are a few reasons why Drew Doheny is the right property management partner for you:

  • We’re trusted and experienced property professionals. Our competent crew has decades of experience, is diligent, and is ready to serve you.
  • We’re knowledgeable about the local market. We know the local GA market like the back of our hands. Drew Doheny can guide you on the best neighborhood to choose.
  • We offer affordable service. All our services are charged competitively to make them affordable to all potential GA property investors.

Considering Investing in Richmond Hill, GA?

As a potential property investor, it’s best to look for an area with a growing population. A growing population signifies an increased demand for rental housing in the future. The population of Richmond Hill has grown by almost 80% in the past decade. Not only can you charge a higher rental rate, but you can also enjoy an appreciation of property value!

You shouldn’t only be looking at a growing population, but one that can pay the rental amount that you have quoted on the lease. Lucky for you, Richmond Hill has one of the most robust economies in the area.

The economy of Richmond Hill relies on the success of small businesses. As a matter of fact, small businesses with less than 20 employees make up 93% of employers.

Larger corporations also play key roles in the economy. Some of the major employers in Richmond Hill include Hobart Corporation, City of Richmond Hill, South State Bank, and Allied Van Lines, among others.

Areas We Serve

Drew Doheny Property Management and Real Estate is proud to serve the following areas:

Richmond Hill
Port Wentworth
Wilmington Island
Chatham County
Bryan County